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Cardboard Packaging Vs Plastic Packaging - Choose The Right One

Posted On: Dec-31-2021  By: Jonas Roe

Cardboard Boxes are a popular way of encasing items that need to be protected at all times. This packaging is made from cardboard stock that is durable and rigid in nature and can be reprocessed to make many various other packaging solutions. With the use of customization techniques like die-cuttings, PVC sheets, foil stamping, embossing, and perforation, this packaging can be transformed into much of an appealing sight to gaze at. It can also assist in developing a connectivity bond between brands and their customers with the use of the latest printing technology.

Cardboard Boxes offer protection and value addition to the items to be encased inside them. It is available in various dimensions to various product and customer requirements. Providing customers with the best quality products is what this packaging keenly focuses upon, which is why it is preferred for shipping purposes. It pays keen attention to the fact that customers are only satisfied and value brands when they are provided items that meet their exact requirements. There are various reasons why this packaging is preferred over many others, like plastic.

Sustainability is largely focused upon

Working towards the sustainability of our planet is something to be largely focused upon. With the ongoing destruction caused by an increase in global warming, people and businesses are now adopting ideas and strategies that are safe for the planet. Cardboard boxes packaging is made from cardboard stock that is recyclable in nature and causes no hazards to the environment. This chemical-free packaging can be reprocessed to produce many other packaging solutions causing minimal wastage. Also, it is biodegradable in nature and decomposes after being disposed of, thus causing no pile-ups in the landfills. On the other hand, plastic is recycled using technical machinery and chemicals that cause environmental pollution. Plastic is decomposable, but this process takes a lot of time, and so to speed up, this expensive technology is used. As decomposability takes time, plastic gets piled up in landfills and can cause environmental pollution.

Coatings used for protection

The primary use of laminations and coatings on the packaging is to protect its overall appearance and the texture and quality of the items inside. Aqueous, gloss, matte, and Spot UV coatings are used to protect items against contact with water, moisture, and heat to maintain the item’s originality. Custom cardboard boxes are FDA approved as they are safe to encase edibles. The laminations on this packaging maintain the edible’s texture and prevent them from rotting away after a short period of time. On the other hand, plastic packaging is made from chemical components that may absorb in your edibles, making them poisonous.

Space requirements matter

Businesses look for ideas that can assist them in controlling their variable costs. Cardboard packaging is quite lightweight in nature and can easily be carried from one place to the other without any fear of the inside items getting damaged or lost. This packaging can be easily squeezed and folded, and stored in small spaces. Large warehouse spaces are not required to store this packaging, thus saving spacing and warehouse costs for businesses. Plastic packaging like containers can take a lot of space, and warehouses are usually required to store them for future consumption.

Customization techniques must stand out.

Customization techniques are used on packaging to attract a mass audience. Packaging made from cardboard can be customized using add-ons like die-cuttings, PVC sheets, perforation, embossing, and foil stamping and raised inks. These add-ons tend to give the packaging an attractive appeal with the aim of adding value to the items inside. Affordable and quality printing techniques are used to print this packaging with brand names, logos, and taglines that enable businesses to stay in touch with their existing and potential target audience. Also, the inks used in printing this packaging are made from milk and proteins and pose no chemical threats to the items inside. Various graphics, illustrations, and images can also be used to create a long-term impression on the minds of the customers. Plastic, on the other hand, is customized using an expensive technology that costs businesses a lot of investment. Also, not a lot of customization options are available when it comes to enhancing the visual appearance of this packaging. The inks used in printing this packaging are made from harmful chemicals that may cause toxic threats to the items inside, especially edibles.

Affordability is paid attention to

Businesses aim to reduce their costs in every way possible. Keeping this in view, cardboard packaging is offered at low prices from the suppliers so that every business size could afford to buy it. Startups can benefit from using this packaging as it is offered at wholesale prices. At the same time, cardboard packaging at whole sale enables these businesses to benefit from discounts offered by the suppliers on bulk purchasing. On the other hand, plastic packaging is comparatively offered at higher prices due to its high manufacturing and reprocessing costs.

Keeping all the factors associated with the two packaging solutions, it can safely be concluded that Cardboard Boxes tend to keep the game strong in every aspect. This packaging offers all the qualities that live up to the expectations of the customers when it comes to determining the most compatible encasements for various product natures.

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