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As the name suggests, rigid boxes are meant for providing ensured protection to products of every type. These are getting popular due to their immense strength and durability. In addition, these are manufactured by keeping in mind the environmental degradation factors. Therefore, only sustainable and biodegradable materials are used during the process. The good thing is that their boring displays can now be improved with the help of innovative and trendy customization options. There is no limit to the selection of eye-catching colors that look pleasing to the eyes. Online availability and affordable prices are the chief reasons behind their growing popularity and demand. People can also buy these at wholesale prices if they want to cut down the extra business expenses. These packaging solutions can be used to display printed information with a promotional aim in mind.

Ensured Protection

It is clearly understandable from the name itself that the rigid boxes are highly strong and tough in nature. These packaging solutions are helpful in the transportation of different types of commodities from one place to another. deals in these boxes and makes sure that there is no compromise on the quality and functionality of these solutions. We have an active quality assurance department that is committed enough to do its job responsibly. Our team makes sure that whenever people want such boxes, only the best quality solutions must be delivered to them.

Extensive Range of Custom Options

It is a common perception that rigid packaging solutions have boring traditional displays and designs. However, things take a sharp turn now as we are offering a rich range of custom options for these solutions. We can produce new and improved designs every now and then that can prove to be fruitful in impressing the potential customers. The bonus is that we also give due weightage to the ideas of our customers as far as elegant-looking customization options are concerned.

Dynamic Features

We believes in entertaining our valued customers in every way possible. We know the significance of customer satisfaction for the success of a business. Therefore, we try to keep them engaged with us at every step. We can share free 2D or 3D samples with them to give them an idea about the shape and size of the box. Nevertheless, if the customers want a physical sample, they can have one by paying some amount of money. They will also have to bear the delivery charges in this particular domain. Besides, the pricing details in this regard can be obtained by making contact with our sales team. In addition, we are also offering free die-cut designs for one complete order. The no-charges offer is valid only for the customers that are looking to get one die-cut pattern per packaging. The customers who want multiple die-cut designs will have to pay accordingly.

Top-Notch Printing & Laminations

It seems like the packaging and printing industries are meant for each other as their combination is helpful for a business in a number of ways. Therefore, we are also dealing in a wide range of printing services. You can contact us for screen or silkscreen printing, or you can go with digital or offset printing. No matter which type you go with, we ensure that there will be no compromise on the quality of our work. The printing quality will be up to the mark always as we use inks that are the best in quality. Moreover, we only use CMYK, and PMS coloring options as these are the need of the hour in the current scenario. In addition to the printing applications, we are also dealing in the laminations and surface finishes of different types. The significance of a premium-quality surface finish cannot be ignored by any means, as it can say a lot about the integrity of a brand. We are mainly dealing in:

  • Matte Laminations
  • Glittered Surfaces
  • Gloss UV/ Spot UV Laminations
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Smudge Free Options
    • On-Time Deliveries

      Since we deliver all over the United Kingdom, we have partnered with some of the best service providers that take the products from us and deliver them to you in due time. We have an almost 99% success rate where the orders are delivered on time. However, if there is an unexpected delay in the shipping process, we assure you that it will be because of factors that are beyond human’s control. In such situations, we inform our valued clients about the ongoing situation at the earliest. Moreover, we generally offer two types of delivery plans for our clients that are named as standard and expedited. The standard plan guarantees to deliver the order in ten to twelve business days, and it is totally free. On the other hand, our expedited plan will deliver the order in 6-8 working days, and it comes at a price. However, it must be noted that the delivery timeframe starts once the order details are confirmed by the customers.

      Trustworthy Customer Support

      If you want to know anything about our rigid boxes, you can get engaged with our agents instantly. You can choose the desired medium of interaction. The options of email and direct calls are always on the table. Moreover, you can also schedule a callback at your convenience. Our customer care department is thoroughly professional and knows the needs of satisfying the customer base. Therefore, we are always ready to listen and answer your queries, and we make sure that nothing goes unnoticed. Lastly, if you want information about the estimated price range, you can send us an email to request a custom quote. is here to help you with the success and growth of your business. We are ready to offer you rigid packaging solutions of the highest quality along with a series of customization options. These features will help in giving your commodities a distinguished look in the market. Trust us for the above-mentioned services, and you will be amazed by the outcomes.

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