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Across the globe, there are many online companies providing packaging and printing solutions to customers. At we provide packaging solutions to the customers at an affordable price. These boxes are well-known for their sturdiness and the safety they provide to the products that are packed in them. The printing on these boxes makes them more attractive and attention-grabbing. Printing can also be used to make these boxes an effective marketing tool that helps to promote the brand. But that is not all about these boxes, they are available in different shapes and sizes. The size and the shape of the boxes can be customised according to the requirement of the items that are to be packed in the boxes.

These containers are usually made with highly rigid cardboard, Kraft, and paper stock, while corrugated stock is also an option for the manufacturing of these packaging solutions. The choice of the material depends upon the type and nature of the product because some products need the usual packaging while some need extra protection. Another good thing about the material of these boxes is that it is completely environment-friendly.

The largest consumers of these boxes are food manufacturers and suppliers, cosmetics and fashion industry, clothing and garments, electronic gadgets and their accessories manufacturers, and gift items, manufacturers. The customers can make these containers more attractive and personalized with the help of customization options that offer them. These customization options allow the customers to make the packaging attributed to their company and help them in branding their products as well. Besides all these qualities and plus points, there are some issues that the customers face. On top of all the issues is the refund and Returns Policy of the company.

At we make sure at each step that the product is according to the customers’ requirement, and all the customisation and alterations that the customers have asked for are being met with acute precision. Still, if there is some issue with the product and the customers think that it is not what they have asked for or the print is spoiled or the quality of the product is not as mentioned in the order, they can claim a free reprint of the packaging solution. The Returns Policy of works in this way that the customer must submit complaints to the company within three days of receiving the order. If the fault is proven on the side of the company, the company will provide a free reprint of the packaging. For this, the customers must send the product back to the manufacturer within seven days of receiving the order, at their own cost, along with the proof of damage, spoiled product. If the defect is caused on the customers’ end, and yet they want a refund, they have to send the printed product back to the company, and the company will send the refund after deducting the processing and shipment charges from the actual amount.

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