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Get Smart Knowledge about Custom Cardboard BoxesPosted On: Sep-12-2017  By: Harry Leo

Get Smart Knowledge about Custom Cardboard Boxes

Looking at those beautiful packaging boxes at your favorite stores nowadays, it is hard to ponder over their journey from mere cardboard pieces to the exquisite art pieces in front of you. These simple chunks of cardboard are designed into various sizes, styles and shapes to fit the need of the businesses selling their products. This idea of custom cardboard packaging is a result of a dire need of specialized packaging for every product to make it stand out in the market and attract the right customers. It is very hard to reel customers in when there is range of other businesses selling the same product in the same stores. When a shopper stands in the shopping aisle of a grocery store looking at the shelves after shelves of different cereal boxes, these boxes need to be customized in a way to give the customer the whole story at one glance. This will enable that particular brand to be chosen at first sight for further investigation.

For a custom cardboard packaging to be able to fulfill these criteria it needs have certain features. Firstly, it needs to be attractive. The colors, themes, pictures, logos and phrases printed on the custom packaging boxes have to be hard to ignore. Secondly, this attractiveness should and has to reflect the product. For instance, custom cardboard packaging of tea bags should have the attractiveness related to the flavor of the tea. The colors and themes should mesmerize the customer such that he can almost taste the flavor and can feel its aroma. Thirdly, the right information needs to be given to the customer so that they don’t spend time looking for the details they require and end up letting go of the product out of frustration. All the technical details need to be printed in the right location and with the right style. One of the main info which the business itself is in more need of relating to the customer is the brand name itself, so that it leaves a mark on the customer’s mind and makes them retain it. Fourthly, there should be some unique features which makes either the purchasing experience better such as window panes to give a preview of the product inside or features which make the customized box itself more convenient. Examples of the latter feature could be well designed handles or good quality clasps. Lastly the quality of these custom cardboard packaging is paramount. Every aspect of the custom boxes, from the material used to make the box to the ink should be of high quality to ensure customer satisfaction, product safety and longevity and eventual customer retention and loyalty.

We at offer such custom cardboard packaging.  We fulfill all the above mentioned criteria in addition to our superb services. With over a decade long experience in providing customized packaging solutions and with customers from all over the world we have a lot to offer you. Our confidence in providing you the best of the best products and services are due to our following key qualities:

  • Our impeccable digital and offset printing along high quality ink and latest printing techniques ensures that the custom boxes are of exceptional quality.
  • On time printing and shipment is one of our key priorities.
  • Our boxes which are shipped flat to you are very easy to assemble. Our shipping is absolutely free if you reside anywhere in the UK US and Canada.
  • If you want to create a design from scratch or want to edit one of our existing designs from our huge range of templates, we will help you all the way. We provide comprehensive professional expertise to our customers in all designing areas. This is done through the services our experienced design team absolutely free of charge.
  • We are always observing the deteriorating status of our nature by the outrageous decisions made by companies in choosing harmful materials to manufacture their products. The plastic and chemical waste is already eating away at our environment. Therefore, we definitely do not want to add to this enormous burden on our nature and hence use 100% biodegradable materials. 
  • For an enhanced customer care service, we offer a 24/7 online chat facility to answer all our customer’s queries promptly. We are always live and running through out the week and round the clock with constant feedbacks to our customers.

We are a reliable and efficient custom cardboard packaging provider and we ensure that our boxes are highly durable and robust. One of our main priorities is to never compromise on the quality standards of our products and services. On top of all this, we will offer you the most competitive prices in the market.

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