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Buy Custom Printed CD Covers and DVD Covers

The compact disk is the most fragile item in the computer world. Protecting these disks from scratches, cracks, and damage is the most difficult part when it comes to saving these disks for long-term use. Cd covers are your companion in this journey. You can make the most out of these boxes by designing them in your desired theme, colours, and dimensions. These covers are made of the finest and most refined paperboard, cardboard, Kraft box or corrugated material, as per the consumer demand and budget. This cover looks like a book, with two panels, and can be folded. There is a hole at one panel of these covers that keep the Cd’s fixes to their slot. These covers are manufactured and shipped in flat form and can be easily mounted in the original shape just by grabbing from both ends and folding them into half.

Qualified Team Which Gives 100% Premium Quality Customization:

When you are the sole manufacturer of packaging products, you become a designer, producer, delivery person, and retailer for your products all at once. The team of is aimed to take off your burden and take all of these responsibilities on your behalf. Once you have determined the product you want to purchase, just give us the detail about the product that includes product dimensions, customizations, and the address you want to deliver your order to. Our team is competent in making your products in any size, colour, shape, and design and offers infinite customizing options that include your desired printing, lamination, colouring scheme, add-ons, and many other tiny details you are conscious of.

We Have Various Printing, Colouring, and Packaging Techniques

We are offering the best printing services in the whole printing industry. We are offering offset, digital, screen, and embossing. Debossing and ink printing technologies that give your printed Cd covers an incomparable look that would beat all of your competitors in the market. The smooth surface always appeals to more people, while some are fond of dull and rough looks. What if a buyer is looking for a product with both of these effects? Select your desired lamination out of gloss, matte, and spot UV for a mind-blowing and unbelievable increase in your sales. You can customize your covers into any size, colour, design, shape, and pattern as per your disk dimensions and requirements. Add optional perforation lines, die cuts, printing plates and the most appealing windows cut out on the front panel of your Cd cases with premium quality PVC film coating to attract more buyers to your product. Select your desired colouring scheme out of CMYK and PMS for your Cd cover boxes. If you are adopting all or any of these modifications, prepare yourself to witness a remarkable change in your business within a few days.

We Offer Free Design Support and Customization

We are offering free customization services for all of our consumers. You can make hundreds of alterations to your designs without stepping out of your house. All of our services are just a click away from you. Distance does not matter when you are willing to expand your business all over the world. We are also providing free design support in which your designs, alterations, and orders are supervised by expert designers who have been working in this industry for more than two decades now. We do not charge you for die cuts and printing plate charges as well. The platform of Go Custom Boxes UK is more like a designing kingdom where you are the king!

We Offer Free Shipping and Fast Turnaround Time

We are providing free shipping services all over the world. You are getting your orders through our shipping and in the shortest turnaround duration of a minimum of eight and a minimum of ten working days. If you are in rush and cannot wait longer than a week, avail our very fast but extremely cheap expedited shipping service that gives you a turnaround duration of a minimum of four to six business days after your final approval is received. We see that some manufacturers require less number of products but they are forced to buy the bundles of five hundred products, but here at Go Custom Boxes, you can place a least a hundred Cd covers wholesale orders for your business.

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