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We can provide you with any design or style of custom cardboard boxes that best meet your packaging needs. With high quality printing technology, finishing, and color technology, we deliver packaging boxes that will enhance your business reputation. The is a professional printing company with the best printing specialists in the industry. We are very committed in what we do and we recruit the best brains to work for us. We have numerous box styles you can choose. Although we have listed just a few of these boxes here, so if you do not see what you are looking for, do not get discouraged. Just contact us immediately for your specific needs and we will deliver it right away.


Time is very important to the success of every business and this is why business owners prefer to use the 1-2-3 bottom boxes. The time spent on assembling and setting up of products is less with these boxes. These boxes are also the right choice to use if you really want to a secure your products completely. The 1-2-3 bottom boxes have a unique bottom, which causes it to be folded easily onto itself after it is assembled. In fact, they get rid of all the hassles from manual assembling boxes. If you are eager to put a stop on time wastage when packaging your products again, then go for the 1-2-3 bottom boxes.


Auto bottom tray, is unique packaging box that is specifically constructed for display purposes. These boxes are based on the auto bottom style and the unique thing is that they can easily be folded into a flat shape. In addition, the bottom part of the box can also be restored automatically to the sealing status when they are stretched. For shelf as well as counter top display, these boxes are the ideal style of boxes to choose. We can create any size, shape, color, and style of auto bottom tray boxes that you want


Seal End Boxes are among the unique packaging boxes that we create. These boxes are usually erected, filled, as well as closed by packaging equipment. This style is often used for custom medical boxes, custom food boxes, and custom retail boxes. Just send us details of how you want your Seal End box to look like, and we will deliver it to you right away.

Dispenser boxes

Dispenser boxes are very important to retail businesses. These boxes are usually placed at retail check out to help stimulate sales impulse. These boxes are used for custom medical boxes, custom retail boxes, packaging of pharmaceuticals, and food boxes. We can create any design, or style of boxes that will help you to achieve your sales goals.

Hexagon boxes

Hexagon boxes are unique. All the different sizes of this box have the same dimension. These boxes are the right choice for every business. Hexagon boxes are used primarily as cosmetic boxes, food boxes, retail boxes, as well as custom toy boxes.

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