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Manufactured from adaptable cardboard and vinyl variants, jewellery boxes are perhaps the second best thing about an ornamental item. They get manufactured while keeping a focus on two major elements, the first one is to match the aesthetics and budget value of the product that is to go packed in them, and the second is to provide foolproof security and protection to the item. Their sizes and shapes can all be custom-made depending upon the need of the hour. Consumers can get them glazed, foiled, die-cut, and scored in any way that they may fancy. The same liberations are there for the selection of their manufacturing material. Since they are to convey extravagance, mostly they are manufactured from sturdy and rich materials such as rigid cardboard. This material not only makes them look extravagant but also makes them immensely secure for the safekeeping of the packed item.

In step with new trends:

The demand and usage of jewellery boxes have grown exponentially in recent years. This trend is expected to be followed with the same zeal and vigour for the next five years. is all set up to keep its clients a step ahead in this flow. We offer an unsurpassed amalgam of customization combined with creativity. These boxes have experienced a great amount of transition with time in terms of their manufacturing materials and techniques. We have made all the necessary efforts to reawaken the age-old vivaciousness and lavishness of beholding a box of jewellery while deploying the most advanced and latest manufacturing tactics. We offer some of the most trendy and up-class innovations in our packaging solutions.

Advanced printing techniques:

We practice some of the latest and the most widely accepted manufacturing techniques in our production units that include:

  1. Offset printing
  2. Screen printing.
  3. Flexography
  4. Digital inkjet printing
  5. Silkscreen printing
  6. Rotogravure

All of these techniques are known best for their premium outputs on a certain type of packaging material. Combined with these forceful techniques, we offer some of the most robust colour choices and selection options. We offer:

  1. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (CMYK)
  2. Pantone matching system ( PMS)

All of these availabilities help is in ranking among some of the most well-equipped packaging providers in the world.

Elaborate customization:

Whatever style or type of box you may be looking for, we assure you that we would be able to provide you with the most perfect and appreciable manner. We carefully note down every requirement that you may have regarding the manufacturing of your boxes and make sure that we come up with the most practical offer against them. We have introduced some of the most spectacular and spell bounding packaging designs in the market. The precision and perfection of our product measurements, styles, and die cuts are unsurpassed in the market to date. We rely on a hundred per cent customer delight, and that is why we have managed to gain the loyalty of millions of customers all across the world.

Readily available support:

We understand that a packaging consumer may not always be well acquainted with the way the manufacturing process of a box happens. They may not know what to choose and which thing would work best according to their circumstances, budget, product requirements, and so on. This is why we have made sure that our helpful and friendly support staff is always available for the assistance and guidance of our valuable clients. At no point in time do we rush our clients into placing an order unless and until they are completely satisfied with what they are going to purchase. For boxes that are for luxurious jewellers, we prefer the use of rigid cardboard with offset printing. If our clients are looking for something flexible, we offer paperboard boxes with flexo, digital, or gravure printing that gives out amazing results.

On-time deliveries:

Since we deliver globally, we have the edge of being partners with some of the most well-known and on-the-dot freight companies. This has helped us in being almost ninety-nine per cent punctual on our delivery dates. The only times that we have failed to deliver on promised dates were the off-chances that were beyond human control. To accommodate the dissimilar requirements of our valued clients. We have mapped out two types of shipping plans. Standard and expedited. A standard order takes around ten to twelve business days to deliver. An expedited order gets delivered within six days after the client's approval. This is worth mentioning here that the delivery timeframe starts after your order has been approved by your side for final production.

Organic and safe products:

We try to deploy as many chemical and radiation-free supplies and procedures during our product manufacturing as possible. We have achieved amazing results with organic inks and recycled materials. The glues and adhesives that we used are also most commonly plant-based. They do not pose any harm, and they are safe to be used even by children. We try the maximum to fulfil our client's requirements in an eco-friendly manner. Where our client is also delighted with their final product and the earth also remains free of harm.

If you are also looking to escalate your brand's identity in the retail market. Or you want to get signature packaging for your jewellery items. You have come to the right place. We cater to the needs of not only businesses but personal and home-based users as well. Our prices are panned out in such a way that our quality products are affordable to people belonging to all walks of life. You need not worry about the sustainability and lifespan of our products. We use nothing but the best quality supplies for the manufacturing of our merchandise which ensures their quality and sustainability. No matter if you are seeking a retail or wholesale order, we are sure that we would be having just the right price and product plan for you.

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