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6 Innovative Ways of Packaging Products Through Rigid Boxes

Posted On: Aug-31-2022  By: Van Ebling
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The Kraft rigid boxes have become a trend in the retail and online market. The days of traditional delivery and product packaging methods have become less efficient. Now, customers have upgraded their demands. The packaging also matters for the purchasers beyond the quality of the products. If you are roughly presenting your products, then forget about the high sale margins. Brands always need creative ideas to grab more consumers. This is the packaging style that segregates the same products. So, always attempt to be simple and innovative to create an image of the out-class brand in the market. The following guide will discuss the different innovative ideas to make your products more engaging through these boxes.

Keep the Kraft rigid boxes simple

Different brands apply various styles and designs to make their products more worthy. But using simple and decent strategies for this purpose is the best option. So, always attempt to maintain the natural qualities of the rigid boxes for sale. This will make your products more appealing. For example, rigid boxes have natural scratches.

Furthermore, they tend to absorb the extra layer of dark colors. Hence, the rigid boxes will absorb the dark colors making them more and more fader. It will create a simple and aesthetic impression for the consumers.

Moreover, always be decent while considering a professional touch to the products. Like always, apply simple graphics and patterns. Apply decent color schemes. Never throw a rainbow color scheme on the boxes. Consider the insertion of small images on the boxes. This will give a simple touch to your products. Only insert the logo, website address, contact number, and QR code to give easy access to the consumers. These tactics will make your products more notable in the market.

Prefer the interests of the consumers

Most brands allow the customers to touch the products by using a two-piece rigid box. This will satisfy the purchasers about the quality of products. Moreover, they can ultimately go through the product qualities. Customers always want a well-rounded packaging experience beyond the product's quality. So, the white rigid box serves as affordable stuff for the luxury packaging of the products. Most popular brands prefer white boxes because of the simple and decent features. Hence, they elegantly allure the products. For example, the Apple brand sells most of its electronic gadgets using white boxes.

Brands can apply the techniques of embossing, foiling, debossing, and hot stamping to create a magnificent look. Moreover, allowing the consumers to touch the products before purchasing them will enhance their loyalty. The die-cut window boxes, boxes with inserts, and boxes with lids display the purpose of the products quite clearly. Manufacturers use PV transparent sheets in die-cut window boxes. Thus, the transparent nature exhibits the nature of the products. Boxes with inserts have a product shape type design on the base of boxes. This crafted area on the base is surrounded by foam. You can place the product in the insertions. It will give a sophisticated look to the products. So, consumers can touch the products simply by removing the lid of the boxes. Similarly, you can use ribbon, gloss, and matte to make the products more engaging.

Try different geometric shapes of the Kraft rigid boxes

Always attempt to be innovative regarding the shapes and packaging of the boxes, like using black rigid boxes. The use of rectangular and square box shapes has become more common. Now, your brand should try innovative ways to create a unique identity in the market, like the rigid drawer box, hexagonal shape boxes, stackable boxes, and custom magnetic boxes. The use of these unique boxes will establish your brand differently. For example, the hexagonal shape boxes deliver different jewelry and cosmetic products. These little and attractive boxes make the products more appealing.

Similarly, corrugated rigid boxes contain several little tight partitions. This custom structure resists the external factors reshaping the products. They keep the boxes in their places during the shipping. Custom magnetic boxes also have a peculiar structure. They contain a thread and button or use a magnet. Using a magnet keeps the boxes closed and does not let them open because of shakes during shipping. Thus, magnetic boxes also give a fantastic unboxing experience to consumers. Stackable custom boxes stack the variety of the same products in the same way. Similarly, boxes with lids are also easy to open and close. Thus, these simple yet innovative geometrical shapes make your products more eye-catching.

Go for the sustainable material

Rigid box manufacturers use Kraft paper and cardboard to manufacture custom boxes. The purchasers of the 21st century are well aware of the increasing environmental pollution. Hence, they prefer eco-friendly packaging. The use of traditional ways like plastic has faded away. Now, the new sustainable trends are replacing the old customs. So, the custom boxes contain cardboard. The cardboard contains wood fiber and unbleached pulp. So, there is no need to carry out more chemical processes. Hence, there is no risk of destroying the product qualities.

Moreover, if you do not remember to put the custom boxes in the dustbin after use, do not panic. These boxes are 100% biodegradable. Hence, they can recycle themselves. In addition, the thickness of rigid boxes resists the external moisture to damage the products like jewelry. Similarly, these boxes do not allow external water to seep in. Thus, they maintain the products.

Moreover, cardboard boxes are good insulators. Hence, they ensure the safe transportation of electronic and other baked items. Moreover, the durability of these boxes does not allow any bacterial actions to ruin the product. Thus, always use sustainable materials. It will emphasize the customers' time and energy values for the brand.

Make the boxes multipurpose

The multipurpose nature is another adorable tactic you can apply to make the products more appealing. Brands can consult rigid box manufacturers for various designs and shapes—the large cardboard boxes store shoes, clothes, and extra things in the household. Moreover, the well-decorated boxes are used as decoration pieces in the houses. Brands can upload the latest images from social media. They can imprint them on the custom boxes. The new and pleasant-looking boxes serve to decorate the lounge of houses.

Similarly, brands can incorporate different cross-check puzzles and AR games. It will provide fun to the customers in the extra time. Similarly, brands can put some bold and funny quotes to engage consumers.

It will help them forget the hectic routine for a short time. Furthermore, brands can give a more artistic look to the boxes. These kinds of boxes serve to save their letters and other memorable things for their loved ones. Similarly, custom picture frame boxes assist in saving the precious memories of consumers innovatively. Thus, brands can also join different campaigns like hunger and poverty elimination. It will establish an Image of an out-class brand in the market. Thus, the multipurpose nature of the boxes will grab more customers. Hence, these strategies will assist in generating more revenue.

In the end, the Kraft rigid boxes have become a fashion in the market. Brands cannot even assume to deliver the items without them. Hence, by keeping in view the interests of the purchasers, you can make them more appealing. Moreover, giving a professional and decent yet innovative touch will allure your products. Hence, this will grab more customers in return. Thus, it will make your sales more versatile and establish your brand.

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