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No Die and Plat Charge

One thing that differentiates our products and services from others is that we deliver high-quality packaging boxes at an affordable rate. First, we offer you a free template design on request, a free shipping service for a minimum of 100 boxes, and now we offer you our esteemed customers a NO DIE & PLAT CHARGE. We deliver a die-cut design for your packaging boxes on request. If you want it plain without a die-cut, we can also make it happen. In fact, no matter the type of design or style that you want for your packaging boxes, our team of experts are always ready to astonish you.

We believe so much in what we do and with over 10 years experience in the industry, we know the type of packaging boxes and style that will suit your brand. A lot of manufacturers are beginning to see the effect of placing a window design on their packaging boxes as a way to attract customers to their brand. In fact, customers cannot resist your product when they see it through the packaging boxes with a window design. In addition, it will make the job easier for your product to be displayed without any need to take them off their packaging boxes.

You can request for a die-cut or window design on your packaging boxes and we will provide it right away. You can also request for any shape, size, colour, or thickness of materials that you want and we will exceed your expectation with our quality packaging boxes and style. Contact us today and enjoy our NO DIE & PLAT CHARGE.

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