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Eight Days Turnaround

Fast Turnaround Time

Time is very important in everything we do in life. In the business world, if you apply the same principles, success will be inevitable. If you have already planned to start your marketing campaign or launch a new product into the market, you might want everything to be ready before you go ahead. Most packaging companies take more than a month to deliver their project, which might affect the already set time to launch that particular brand you planned to. This might also have a serious negative effect on the success of your business. These days, businesses no longer have to wait for a very long time before their products are delivered to them because of the improvement in technology and knowledge in creating amazing packaging boxes.

The is famous for its creativity in the printing industry. We do not just select the best hands to work on every project we have but we also utilize the best technology as well. Coupled with the fact that we utilize the best technology in creating our packaging boxes, we also have the fastest production and delivery time in the packaging industry. We offer EIGHT DAYS TURNAROUND TIME, which means our clients no longer have to wait for months to get their order delivered to them. Once we receive your request, we start working on your project immediately. Another interesting thing is that irrespective of the quantity of packaging boxes you ordered for, our deliver time and quality of the product, still remains the same. We have the right number of staffs to take on any project, and we can attend to as many clients as possible.

Our services are unique and we have created a name for ourselves in the industry. We have all the takes to satisfy all our clients and in addition to our EIGHT DAYS TURNAROUND TIME, we offer:

High-End Printing

If you are looking for a packaging company that delivers high-quality packaging boxes, then you are at the right place. We utilize modern printing technology to deliver high-quality packaging boxes that will look irresistible to your clients. We use digital, offset, and onscreen printing technology to deliver quality and unique packaging boxes.

Quality Cardboard Stocks

We always satisfy our clients with the best cardboard boxes that will help to enhance their business and sales. We know how important packaging is to every business and product and that is why we also utilize the best quality of cardboard stocks. Our packaging boxes are always durable and to satisfy our clients, we choose packaging boxes that range in various degree of thickness from 280 GSM to 550 GSM.

Modern Colour Technology

The quality of the colour used for printing those packaging boxes is very important and that is why we utilize the best in the industry to satisfy our clients desire for quality. We use modern colour technology such as CMYK and PMS, and even in our short production time, we never compromise when it comes to delivering quality boxes.

Smart Packaging Solution