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Why Customized Gable Box Packaging is the Best Option?Posted On: May-02-2019  By: Harry Leo

Why Customized Gable Box Packaging is the Best Option?

There are many factors, which makes the gable boxes unique. These boxes are the best option to consider for any special occasion, as they can turn your gifts or presents into something spectacular. Although gable boxes are often supposed to consist of papers that are bent into a box shape and customized with handles, these packaging boxes are more than what they look. When gifts are presented without any packaging, people do not value them as much as they do when packaging boxes are used. Their receivers always appreciate gifts that are wrapped with the gable boxes. However, people understand it when you present them with gifts that are specially packaged. However, apart from the features already listed there are other things that make the gable boxes unique.

Tripled value for your gifts

However, no matter the worth of the gift item you wish to package, the gable boxes would triple its cost. There are many customization options you can choose for your gable boxes. You can also customize them with a high-quality colour technique such as the CMYK and PMS colour technique. This modern colour technology will make your gable boxes more attractive and eye-catching. Your friends will be delighted to receive gifts from you, wrapped in individual gable boxes.


Gable boxes are made of high-quality materials. These boxes have the strength to prevent your gifts from getting damaged while in transit. You can also leave your gifts in these gable boxes for a long time without fear of them getting destroyed. You can also add features and write-up that will interest the receiver.

Premium stocks

Gable boxes that are customized with premium stocks are always exceptional. They look more attractive and are highly durable. You can enhance the quality of the cardboard stock with high-quality printing technique such as the digital and offset printing technique.

Thickness of material

Gable boxes are customized with high-quality materials, available in different degree of depth. You can choose the type of material you want, according to your need and financial capacity. However, the thickness of the cardboard stock ranges from 280 GSM to 550 GSM.

Quality finishing options

Garble boxes can accept any finishing treatment that is used on them. These boxes are made up of high quality and unique materials, which appear even brighter when printed with modern technology. There are different types of finishing you can use for your gable boxes. Examples of such are the spot UV, matte, embossing, raised ink, glossy, and others. All these are finishing treatments you can use to enhance the quality and sturdy nature of your packaging boxes.

Special handle

There are so many features, which makes the gable boxes unique. However, these boxes are customized with unique handles, so that people can carry items in them conveniently. The good thing about the handles provided for the gable boxes is that they can take the weight of your gift items without breaking. These handles, also add to the beauty and uniqueness of the gable boxes.

Perfect for all types of gifts

As long as that particular gift can fit into the gable box conveniently, everything will follow suit. The gable boxes can be used to present gifts to people in the most delightful way, and the good thing is that they can be used to presents gifts in all kind of occasion. However, if you are planning to attend a wedding, birthday, baby shower or any other party, you can package your gifts in these boxes. They are not only attractive but also very affordable.

Highly attractive

Printed gable boxes are profoundly beautiful. With high-quality printing options such as digital and offset printing techniques, the gable boxes can be made more artistically pleasing. You can choose any color or design you want, to enhance the appearance of your gable boxes. However, be rest assured that no one would be able to resist your gifts, wrapped in highly customized gable boxes. You can also add chocolates to your gifts as you send them across to your guests.

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