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Why Are These Lipstick Manufacturers Succeeding Despite COVID-19?

Posted On: Aug-31-2022  By: Cortney Jacklyn
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Lipstick manufacturers in the UK make many beauty products for people to buy. Lipstick is a common and essential part of makeup. The use of it makes a woman feel pretty and sure of herself. So, every woman carries it in her bag. As the number of people who want this beauty product grows, more and more new brands are putting their products on the market. It's getting harder for cosmetic companies to stay in business and stand out. Because of this, these brands make sure to use natural and safe ingredients. Also, they do their best to package their goods in exciting and eye-catching ways. In this way, the importance of packaging box manufacturers is deniable. They use packaging that is good for the environment and lasts. They change the way the boxes look to make the lipsticks more appealing.

In the past years, Covid-19, which spread worldwide, caused a supply crisis because many places of business had to close. This led to a temporary but unmatched drop in the beauty market. But many brands, like L'Oréal and Maybelline, have gotten through this crisis in the best way possible and even become more popular. The credit goes to how hard its employees have worked. Are you curious how the UK lipstick manufacturers coped with the situation and succeeded? So, here we are going to explain some of the reasons which made them cope with the situation:

  • Lipstick Manufacturers UK uses 100% Safe and Natural Ingredients

More and more people are looking for cosmetics with natural ingredients, and this trend will likely continue. Everyday cosmetics and personal care items are made with more natural ingredients. Chemicals made in a lab are being replaced by elements that come from nature. This is happening because customers want it, and companies want to use raw materials that are better for the environment. Because of this, lipstick manufacturers in the UK only use ingredients from 100% natural sources. Wax, oil, pigment, antioxidants, fragrance, and alcohol are the essential parts.

Moreover, they don't use anything that could be bad for their customers' skin. Many brands of beauty products have ingredients that are bad for you. These lipstick boxes in the UK are successful because they use natural ingredients. People became more careful about their skin and health during the pandemic. Only those businesses that sold products made from safe and raw materials got through COVID.

  • Use of Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging was another reason they could stay alive during the COVID pandemic. Companies and people who make or sell cosmetics are required by law to ensure their products don't have harmful ingredients. Sustainable packaging has been critical to consumers since the start of the pandemic, and even after the pandemic is over, the need for it keeps growing. Since the pandemic started, people have been more careful with their money, but they are also more aware of social issues and the environment. So, they want the things they buy to make them feel good. Also, the pandemic has shown them that it's right to be kind to the environment. So, these brands use lipstick boxes made from materials that are good for the environment, like cardboard, Kraft paper, or corrugated material.

  • Stock Availability Online

During the pandemic, online content became more important for e-commerce, helping people feel connected and entertained. With no-touch policies in place, stores closing, and more people living alone, brands made more of an effort online. Online beauty brands kept posting content but stopped releasing new products and running promotions. Because of this, the lipstick brands moved their business online. Unlike other brands that had run out of stock, they already had stock available. They keep putting their beauty products online, so people can buy them without leaving their homes. In addition, they gave people a lot of live streams and live chats. This helped them stay in touch with customers even after stores closed or locked their doors.

  • Lipstick Manufacturers UK ensure Efficient and Hygienic Delivery

Also, sending the product to the resource person was the next step after getting an online order. It makes sense that people are more careful than ever about what they buy in these uncertain times. In 2019 and 2020, it's not surprising that many companies' research, development, and production teams worked on ways to fight the pandemic. But it was hard to do anything when there was a lot of stress and worry. Because of this, these manufacturers do everything to ensure the lipstick boxes wholesale they send are clean and free of germs. For example, they do everything they can to ensure the surface doesn't stay together. Also, the people who delivered the products wore disposable gloves and carried hand sanitizer.

  • Put Customer Communication at the Top of the List

In those days, a business needed honest advice and helped to keep going. The online sales went up during the COVID-19. However, problems in the supply chain, like high demand and insufficient stock, slowed delivery. So, it was essential to let the customers know there might be a delay in the delivery. So, the lipstick box manufacturer quickly talked to customers and solved problems. They used websites, email, social media, push notifications, and in-app messaging. As a result, the customers were happy and did not have to look elsewhere. Also, instead of getting new customers, these businesses focused on keeping the ones they already had and making their best customers even better. Even after the crisis, these people stayed loyal and kept spending money.

  • Final Words

COVID-19 was hard for the general public, retailers, and businesspeople. No one could get away from what it did. People no longer had any freedom and had to stay in their homes. Also, the SOPs caused the market to be closed. However, in this tense time, many brands never stopped working. They used a lot of intelligent ways to keep the circle of buying and selling going. As we've discussed above, these UK lipstick manufacturers kept their businesses going and came out of the pandemic stronger.

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