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Six Unique Features That Make Kraft BoxesPosted On: Sep-12-2017  By: Harry Leo

Six Unique Features That Make Kraft Boxes

The Kraft boxes are unique packaging boxes that are made from high quality materials. These boxes are unique and they completely secure any item that is placed within their sturdy walls. In addition to their numerous uses, the simplistic nature of the Kraft boxes is astonishing. The focus of every business today is to create more brand awareness and generate more revenue. However, the Kraft boxes can be used to achieve that. They can be used to advertise products in a unique way and different the packaging boxes from the rest. Kraft boxes have many features that make them to be different from others. Below are highlights of some of them.

Resistant to dust

It is very possible for some of your products to remain in the storeroom for some time before they are sold off completely or moved out. However, dust might be a threat to products when left idle in the store. Even when you make use of other types of packaging boxes with different colors, you may have to clean off the dust from the carton, which may not go off completely or leave some stains behind. The major difference between the Kraft boxes and other types of packaging boxes is that the Kraft boxes are resistant to dust. The outer layer of these boxes, are naturally brown so you may not need to clean off dust from your product. In addition, dust stains on the Kraft boxes are not obvious like other types of boxes. However, the Kraft boxes can also be used to advertise and present products in a decent manner, because of their resistant nature to dust and even stains. In today’s competitive market, products need to be presented in a unique way, to entice buyers. However, this is what Kraft boxes are designed to do.

Distinctive brand image

Every business wants to stand out from the crowd with unique packaging boxes and products. However, the Kraft boxes offer unlimited customization for any type of products. You can decide to allow the outer surface of your Kraft boxes to remain brown, while you print the inner with a different color. There are different modern printing techniques you can use to enhance the value of your Kraft boxes. With high quality printing technique such as the digital and offset printing, you can have the best packaging boxes with the highest quality and rating.

In order for you to completely distinguish your brand from the rest, you can add your company logo or any other important information about your business and product.

Die-cut designs

Die-cut designs or windows, allows potential buyers to see what is inside the packaging boxes. This will not only help you to sell your product faster but it will also help consumers to quickly make their choices. The die-cut window design of the Kraft boxes can be placed anywhere you want to give potential buyers a clear view of your product. The die-cut design can help to enhance the value of your business and brand. In fact, consumers will be more emotionally attached to your products because of the unique design. You can have any shape of the die-cut design for your packaging boxes. You can have it installed in a circular form, a rectangular or square shape.

Recyclable stock

Kraft boxes are usually produced from high quality stock that is biodegradable and recyclable. However, this feature makes them absolutely unique and safe to use. These boxes can be broken down easily, so there is no fear of introducing or accumulating waste in the environment.

Easy to print

One amazing feature of the Kraft boxes is that they are easy to print. You can print your company logo, brand name and any other information that are important to your customers. You can have any type of color you want for your Kraft boxes. You can either go for white or brown Kraft boxes. Most people prefer the natural brown colored Kraft boxes because of its appeal and low cost in printing. However, you can have your Kraft boxes printed or delivered to you in their natural state. These boxes are top-class for packaging any product as they add more value and style to your business and brand.

Maximum protection

If you are looking for packaging boxes that will completely secure your product, then it has to be the Kraft boxes from Go Custom Boxes. These boxes are customized from high quality stocks that range in different degree of thickness. Thickness can range from 280 GSM to 550 GSM. Kraft boxes can be used to package different items, ranging from jewelry, food, favor items, and others.

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