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6 Designs Templates That Show Professionalism in Your Packaging

Posted On: Oct-13-2022  By: Ben Stockes
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Packaging for goods is an important part of making your company and product successful in the marketplace. It can make or break a product instantly as customers perceive the quality of the product through the packaging material.

Some companies, however, ignore the importance of custom packaging in their sales and marketing. They find themselves struggling to keep up with their competitors. This is because many companies think that packaging doesn't matter. And this causes a general lack of professionalism in the industry.

Custom Packaging is important for success

Professional packaging is essential for a successful product launch. It can increase the value of a product and build brand recognition. Professional designers work hard to create flawless visual designs for boxes that will catch the attention of buyers. On the other hand, a package designer is way beyond that. He conceptualises, creates, and implements a prototype for eye-catching packaging materials. Designers employ aspects such as form, colour, and graphics. And fonts to produce a competitive layout that is both practical and enticing to buyers.

As a packaging designer, one must take care of the following factors while creating the best designs:

  • Create a concept design for the product according to its specifications
  • Keep in mind that your design is the key to branding. So make it an eye candy
  • Moreover, you must have a grip on graphic designing
  • Know-how to template designing according to the industry

Let's look into some of the amazing designs by famous brands making trends.

Use of Classic and vintage packaging design in custom packaging

The packaging industry has been growing and evolving over the years. Back then, packaging was only used to protect the product sold. Today, it has a whole new meaning. It's no longer enough to protect the product. But also about getting the right message across to the user. That is why many famous brands are sticking to classic designs. They distinguish themselves from the other brands trying to imitate them.

GELATO AMERICANO is a premium gourmet gelato brand. It believes that a brand can communicate with its customers by keeping its designs simple and elegant. Additionally, the brand effectively aims at high-end customers who want appealing packaging.

Henry Bendel, a fashion company, has unique classic brown and white packaging. That effectively separates them from their competitors. And reflects uniqueness and elegance.

Minimalistic Design

While wrapping products for sale, it's important to consider how your custom boxes UK will appear to the public. For example, the right box can make a big impact on customers. And help to generate sales.

One way to get this is through the use of minimal designs for the packaging. This form of design can create a professional appearance. This helps generate positive customer impressions. These designs have a lot of aesthetic appeals, making users easily fall for the pretty effects.

Some famous brands are already implying this idea. Such as Tiffany and Co. have always kept their box designs to a minimal level. It prevents their products from getting unrecognised by the customers.

Due to their forever beautiful blue colour with classical font, customers can easily recognise the brand from afar.


Another brand in the fashion industry is Chanel. This brand has revolutionised the use of the classic yet minimalist approach to packaging designs.

60s psychedelic

Certain design styles are so precious that they seldom go out of fashion, and 1960s psychedelia is one of them. The '60s were a weird and wild time, but it did have some great graphic arts that changed the world forever. Those designs still resonate with so many people decades later.

The human mind is a marvellous thing, and it likes patterns, colour, and order. It's the same with packaging. The more order we can impose, the more we impress. And psychedelic colours bring a certain feeling to the whole package, creating a sense of magic.

These hues have the power to make customers feel loved, free, happy and peaceful! Muddled fonts, groovy swirls, and bright colours paired with modern items allow these '60s-inspired package designs to shine bright and give us a sense of peace and love, dude!

Minimal outside and maximal inside packaging design

It is important to provide clients with special feelings. When the package arrives, that has a forever beautiful memory of the box inside their minds. If packaging excites the customers, even more, when they open the package, it means the designer has done the perfect job.

Many brands have adapted the use of both minimal and maximal designs for their box manufacturing. It excites and surprises the customer simultaneously. It's a delight to open your basic box to see a maximalist and wonderfully constructed inside.

Such packaging designs mesmerise the consumers literally. Hence, they cannot stop cherishing the box more than the product. Simplistic and basic logos are well maintained throughout the exterior. It helps reveal vivid colours and maximalist images, making customers happy and with your company at the forefront of their minds.

Raw design with eco-friendly packaging

The world is changing. Not only are we experiencing a huge increase in technology, but we also see a shift toward a more sustainable future. Designer packaging is one of the biggest contributors to the plastic pollution crisis. Rather than producing disposable packaging, designers are finding ways to use sustainable materials and reduce waste.

Earthy uneven patterns recall customers where companies source their goods. This is essential for brands that want to emphasise their eco-friendly image. It helps them to connect to buyers' worries about climate catastrophe. Industries have shifted their resources to more biodegradable and safe green resources. This impacts society positively. It reflects their core values towards society and the clients.

Brands like Amazon, Prime, girlfriend collective etc., have made inspiring eco-friendly packaging designs that look stunning, just like other boxes. As a result, the package is basic in appearance yet extremely powerful in its statement.

Illustration in packaging design

Using illustrations to enhance the packaging design is a common practice today. Still, it wasn't always so until the late 80s to early 90s that illustrations were used on packaging primarily for aesthetic purposes rather than for functional purposes, such as communicating information to consumers. Illustrations enhance the packaging design to communicate professionalism and style without compromising functionality.

This '80s-'90s design style feels slightly rebellious, with hand-drawn, uneven lines and strange 2D characters: it stresses street fashion, where inconsistency signifies originality.

STOCKED, a famous frozen food brand, used this design solution for its packaging to attract more customers and increase its brand recognition.


Final Words

Designing beautiful and usable packaging is an art form that is not learned through osmosis. Instead, it's developed over years of practice and trial and error. One cannot master it within a few days. It requires consistency and an inspiring mind to make something. With that, we can get something beautiful enough to stand out from the competitors. Many factors go into creating a one-of-a-kind packaging design, but it's never impossible to create one. Use the above-mentioned templates to create amazing and successful designs for your brand's upcoming or present products to help your brand grow and get recognised by many potential customers.

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